ANALYTICS TO GROW PROFITS Unparalleled Power of Predictive Analytics to grow Profits
Ever been in that uncomfortable situation at the end of the quarter when sales is banging on the door for more qualified prospects? The CMO is pushing to not let marketing’s
17 Oct 2016 - J. A. / C. o. E. I.
Cellphone tax How to tax cellphones in the workplace
South African businesses depend on mobile phones, computers and telecom services to keep their businesses running smoothly. Depending on whether the devices are employer- or
28 Sep 2016
Direct Offshore Investment Some light on legislation regarding direct offshore investment
Exchange rate fluctuations over the past six months have resulted in Rand depreciation and Rand appreciation of approximately 20% either way. This ebb and flow has led to many
22 Sep 2016
Digital Banking Demands New Tech & Vendors Emerging and startup digital banking platform technologies are the key to success of digital initiatives in our new hi-tech economy, says Gartner, Inc.
Banks face intense pressure to increase efficiencies and reduce costs while, at the same time, delivering next-generation digital services, although Gartner (the world’s
21 Sep 2016
Effective Intelligence Time to get fresh with Effective Intelligence
Big data, small data, unstructured data, silo-ed data – there is so much data about data that it’s quite difficult to know exactly where to focus your efforts in order
20 Sep 2016
Looking after the long-term Blue Chip spoke to Christo Becker, the Principal Officer of the Selfmed Medical Scheme that has served South African families for more than 50 years
What are the trends you are seeing in the industry today? Over the last 25 years there has been a consolidation of schemes in the industry and today there are far fewer schemes
20 Sep 2016
Opportunity brewing in Brazil’s economic crisis Michael Hasenstab Ph.D (Chief Investment Officer, Templeton Global Macro) sees long-term benefits in the struggling Latin American country
Brazil’s political implosion may be a turnoff for foreign investors but, in reality, this crisis will likely facilitate a much-needed break from the toxic combination of
20 Sep 2016
Payroll tax 6 things small business owners should know
Small & Medium Business owners face reams of red tape in their businesses, but one area that is especially important to master is payroll. Get it wrong, and you could face
15 Sep 2016
International Expansion Strategy Gains Traction Ascendis revenue up 39% and profit up 41% as international expansion strategy gains traction
Health and care brands group Ascendis Health has continued its strong growth trend since listing on the JSE,  increasing revenue by 39% to R3.9 billion in the year to June
14 Sep 2016


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