Time to focus on the long term For too long, investors have focused on returns over the past quarter or year, when market and investment cycles actually play out over a far longer period of time. “Rather than chase after this quarter’s darling, we need to remember that investment is for life,” says John Green, Head of the Global Client Group at Investec Asset Management.
“By being focused on the short term, investors tend to lose faith and either switch or redeem their investments hastily, costing them lost performance—and sometimes
18 Apr 2017
EDITOR’S NOTE Expect the unexpected
When the Wall Street Journal writes that, for economists, the uncertainty surrounding a Trump presidency ‘is absolutely enormous’, then you need to sit up and listen.
18 Apr 2017 - S. L.
#GraduatesMustFindJobs The #FeesMustFall movement is running riot, and free tertiary education is the demand, but is the higher education system already producing too many graduates? Are there enough opportunities in the labour market for every new graduate every year?
By examining the government’s quality indicators for learning and teaching, it is possible to measure students’ experience, satisfaction and graduate employment
05 Apr 2017
Managing and optimising a digital customer experience The hybrid enterprise is alive and well–and it’s here to stay
Companies and organisations today drive digital transformation through creating innovative Systems of Engagement (SoE), based upon rethinking how to engage with their target
05 Apr 2017
Third Stream income as a means of funding higher education Doctor John Mudau, CEO of the UNIVEN Innovative Growth Company Pty (Ltd) at the University of Venda, shares his insight into the challenges of funding higher learning
What role does the UIGC play in higher education in South Africa? The UIGC is a third stream income entity (commercial wing) of the University of Venda. It is registered as a
05 Apr 2017
CABINET RESHUFFLE Cabinet reshuffle in South Africa - and what it means
WHAT IS THE BACKGROUND? It’s been a week of high drama, culminating in the removal of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and his deputy Mcebisi Jonas as part of a Cabinet
05 Apr 2017
ZUMA: Criticism alone no longer sufficient Criticism alone no longer sufficient
The National Employers’ Association of South Africa (NEASA) is deeply concerned about the removal of Minister Pravin Gordhan as Minister of Finance, as well as the removal
04 Apr 2017
THE AFRICA CEO FORUM 2017 AWARDS Allianz named ‘International Corporation of the Year’ in Africa
• Allianz recognized for its outstanding growth in Africa• African insurance market presents long-term growth potential At the 5th annual Africa CEO Forum held in Geneva
23 Mar 2017
CHAMPIONING GLOBAL STANDARDS championing global standards
Mothobi Seseli is a loud-laughing, fun-loving family man, a former youth tennis star and Latin American and Ballroom dance champion. During the day, he is the CEO of the
22 Mar 2017


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