International options “SA’s economic performance is driving investors to eye international options”
Corruption continues to loom large over South Africa - it dwarfs the price of gold, the effect tax hikes has on the economy and stymies mass job creation.  This situation
07 Dec 2018
Black Friday 2018 Why Black Friday volumes exploded in 2018
According to Google South Africa, Black Friday 2018 was a search success with the region topping the world’s charts for avid deal searching with 'Black Friday specials at
07 Dec 2018
Offshore Cash Investments Dollar-based notice deposits provide convenience for financial advisers to manage their clients’ offshore cash investments
In this turbulent world, financial services providers are seeing increased demand for an international offering from clients who see themselves as “global citizens”.
05 Dec 2018
“Buy and hold” Quality, dividend paying companies for successful investment outcomes
Financial markets may appear daunting currently with so much economic and political uncertainty. However, it is important to try and ignore short-term distractions and focus on
29 Nov 2018
Understanding #BlackFriday and South African consumer behaviour PwC focus on the economic consequences of Black Friday and understanding consumer behaviour
Key points ·       Card transactions cleared on Black Friday 2017 were double the daily average. ·      
21 Nov 2018
Individuality and innovation Metropolitan's combination of head and heart stands out
Arthur C. Clarke once famously declared that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” We spoke to Berniece Hieckmann, Head of Client and
12 Nov 2018
Extend your practice How to build and manage a short-term insurance practice
Recently the FPI Centre for Professional Development hosted a webinar by Kate Zornitta, owner of KM Zornitta Insurance Consultants, on how financial planners can enter the
12 Nov 2018
Ethical returns Responsible investment and the retail investor
Many retail investors have heard the term responsible investment (RI) – however few know exactly what it means or how to capitalise on it from a local investment
12 Nov 2018
Developing and growing African capital Founded by 23 black professionals and entrepreneurs with varying skills and experience in the private and public sectors
Founded by 23 black professionals and entrepreneurs with varying skills and experience in the private and public sectors, Tafari Capital strives to provide access to financial
05 Nov 2018


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