Smart ID and Passports Age group extended for Smart ID applicants at banks
Citizens from  25 – 40 age group will from Monday be able to apply for their Smart ID Card and passport at four of the country’s banks, says Home Affairs
18 May 2016
South African business Rands and sense: Why making the move to cloud saves money
Despite the many benefits of moving to the cloud, South African businesses are still hesitant to make the transition. There is still much uncertainty about the move and how it
17 May 2016 - S. C.
Return on investment Investing in infrastructure, ICT in Africa
Positive returns on investment are almost guaranteed in the infrastructure and ICT sectors in South Africa and Africa, says Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa. Speaking at the World
13 May 2016
Small business beneficiation Small businesses to benefit from budget
Of the R1.3 billion allocated to the Small Business Development Department for the 2016/17 financial year, 83 percent will go towards strengthening small businesses and
12 May 2016
Customer service Thinking that you know, then you don’t (#TheStruggleisReal)
Simone Ardagh, Effective Intelligence Customer Engagement Connoisseur and Evangelist, says that a new era of marketing has arrived – out with personalised, in with
12 May 2016
Business integration You need to integrate your business solutions. Here’s why
Accounting, payroll & HR and payments are at the heart of any business. By integrating this golden triangle of business processes and systems, organisations can reduce manual
11 May 2016
South Africa Rebuilt IPAP intent to reindustrialise SA's economy
Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies on Monday launched the eighth iteration of the Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP), which he says is a continuous action plan that is meant
10 May 2016
Rise up South Africa Turning point for SA economy near
Government says Moody’s decision to keep South Africa’s credit rating at two notches above sub-investment grade shows the country is on the right track and that the
10 May 2016
MOBILE PAYMENTS How mobile payments have revolutionised business
There are approximately 447.9 million mobile payment users worldwide, a remarkable evolution from coins being introduced in 700 BC, notes in the 10th century and the introduction
09 May 2016 - C. P.


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