The big picture A global economic perspective for January
The constructive conditions for the US economy remain in place, in our view, in keeping with an increasingly solid expansion across the rest of the world. US consumers have been
19 Mar 2018
Choosing a fund for the future This may just be the tip for the future that will substantially contribute to your future success
Avoiding regret means picking a winning fund in advance It is very common for investors to feel regret at missing out on a massive winner. Looking back, we see investments that
19 Mar 2018
Is active management a commodity Adding value after fees
Active fund managers believe they are better than average and yet most also believe they are all the same. This paradox is explained by their fees: they charge a premium for their
19 Mar 2018
Playbook for 2018…Lessons from a game-changer year Investment Analyst, Reza Hendrickse, unpacks the year gone by and shares his insights into significant market factors coupled with expectations into 2018
Recapping some of the significant global events in 2017 Global stocks surged in 2017, invigorated by a pickup in global economic growth, and extending their 2016 rally. Positive
19 Mar 2018
Start the year right - Forget 2017, start 2018 on the right foot The uncertainty in the local market during 2017 saw investors of all wealth brackets seeking refuge in cash. While this is understandable, it is not an investment choice that will help you achieve your financial goals.
The uncertainty in the local market during 2017 saw many South Africans sitting on the sidelines and postponing longer-term investment decisions. With 2018 starting on a more
19 Mar 2018
About Blue Chip Magazine Blue Chip Issue 66
Blue Chip is first and foremost a journal aimed at informing and empowering South African professionals involved in wealth management. It is directed by a professional editorial
19 Mar 2018
Investing in SA ASISA is transforming the financial sector into a force for good
The South African financial sector ranks in the top ten financial systems in the world, ranking 7 out of 144 in terms of efficiency, trustworthiness and confidence of the
19 Mar 2018
Ask the right question It is not active vs. passive – it’s the benchmark, stupid! BENCHMARKING
There has recently been a great deal of debate over the relative merits of the what have been called the “active” and “passive” approaches to investment
19 Mar 2018
THE TRAINING ROOM ONLINE At the forefront of an education revolution
The world is currently at the start of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – also called Industry 4.0 – which is described as the stage in our development when technology
05 Mar 2018


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