Marketing Automation – An Essential Tool for Modern Marketing Marketing Automation – An Essential Tool for Modern Marketing
Marketing automation is not another buzzword, it has taken its place in the business world as an essential tool in today’s digital marketing era. It is not just about
02 May 2017
Junk Status political shifts boost demand for second residency and citizenship-by-investment programs
The realisation of the implications of junk status brought about by the successive credit downgrades by the S&P and Fitch ratings agencies following recent political shifts,
24 Apr 2017
Sydney Sekese 2016 FPI Media Award Winner
Sydney Sekese, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®/CFP® professional, says that the concept of starting with the end in mind - and assisting clients to map out their financial
19 Apr 2017
Bruce Fleming 2016 FPI Financial Planner of the Year
Bruce Fleming is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®/CFP® professional and the Financial Planning Institute’s 2016 Financial Planner of the Year. Bruce discovered his
19 Apr 2017
Get ready to go seamless in 2017 Seamless Africa 2017 is a game-changing event that brings together payment innovators and retail renegades that includes 200 speakers in an event that will change the way you do business
As a consumer, isn’t it true that when shopping or doing business, what you want and expect is a seamless experience? Whether you are in-store or online, you want to be able
18 Apr 2017
The Raging Bull Awards 2017 The Raging Bull Awards ceremony, which turned 21 this past January, was celebrated in style and honoured some of the industry legends. Photos: Greg da Silva Photography
The Raging Bull Awards recognise excellence in the asset management industry’s unit trust sector and honour the managers of funds, which have consistently delivered returns
18 Apr 2017
Time to focus on the long term For too long, investors have focused on returns over the past quarter or year, when market and investment cycles actually play out over a far longer period of time. “Rather than chase after this quarter’s darling, we need to remember that investment is for life,” says John Green, Head of the Global Client Group at Investec Asset Management.
“By being focused on the short term, investors tend to lose faith and either switch or redeem their investments hastily, costing them lost performance—and sometimes
18 Apr 2017
EDITOR’S NOTE Expect the unexpected
When the Wall Street Journal writes that, for economists, the uncertainty surrounding a Trump presidency ‘is absolutely enormous’, then you need to sit up and listen.
18 Apr 2017 - S. L.
#GraduatesMustFindJobs The #FeesMustFall movement is running riot, and free tertiary education is the demand, but is the higher education system already producing too many graduates? Are there enough opportunities in the labour market for every new graduate every year?
By examining the government’s quality indicators for learning and teaching, it is possible to measure students’ experience, satisfaction and graduate employment
05 Apr 2017


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