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Planning For The People The FPI is floating a plan to broaden financial inclusion beyond high-income earners
There is a long-held perception that financial planning advice is a professional service that only the high-net- worth individuals and cash-flush corporations can afford. Rightly
09 Jul 2018
Editor's Note Don’t fear the Reaper
How would you like to die?” asks Fundhouse’s Rob MacDonald in his article for this issue of Blue Chip, which is focused on retirement. It’s not a yes or no
09 Jul 2018
Evolution Unfolds Changing the game with Financial Modelling
Financial planning practices are evolving to adapt to the changing regulatory environment and market, and starting to adopt enabling technologies that assist the adviser to manage
09 Jul 2018
Where Are You Retiring To? A Retiremeant™ Conversation with Kim Potgieter
As Director and key shareholder at Chartered Wealth Solutions and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional herself, Kim Potgieter has dedicated the last 10 years to
09 Jul 2018
How Would You Like To Die? Questions that should be asked more frequently
What would we be doing now if you had died last night?” is a question one South African financial planner likes to ask early in a meeting with a potential new client. It
09 Jul 2018
Changing The Game Luthuli Capital is doing things differently
Since Trudy Luthuli , along with her husband Mduduzi, founded Luthuli Capital in 2016, the firm has gone from strength to strength in a tremendously competitive market. We chatted
09 Jul 2018
Not Out Of The Economic Woods Yet June brought the news that the local economy had contracted by much more than expected in the first quarter
June brought the news that the local economy had contracted by much more than expected in the first quarter. This certainly dents the “new dawn” narrative that has
04 Jul 2018
Enabling The Economy Investing in agriculture has many knock-on effects
The United Nation’s 2018 Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) partnership forum has issued a global call to action for private businesses and investors to invest in
07 May 2018
About Blue Chip Magazine  
Blue Chip is first and foremost a journal aimed at informing and empowering South African professionals involved in wealth management. It is directed by a professional editorial
07 May 2018
Editor's Note  
Ethics has loomed large in conversations in the financial services industry of late, with some notable names dominating headlines for all the wrong reasons. At the same time,
07 May 2018
Call of duty Taking MMI forward
In 2017, Hillie Meyer was in active retirement after a long and successful career, while Jeanette Marais occupied the high-powered position of executive director at Allan Gray.
07 May 2018
A career in financial wellness Momentum gives financial planners all the ingredients for success
Dedicated to offering its clients advice that goes beyond just selling policies or products, Financial Wellness at Momentum starts with highly-skilled financial planners who enjoy
07 May 2018

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