Mind the gap Technology and financial planning
In a post-RDR world, technology has the potential to either be a financial advisor’s greatest asset or biggest headache. The opportunities are endless. Just think,
12 Nov 2018
Individuality and innovation Metropolitan's combination of head and heart stands out
Arthur C. Clarke once famously declared that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” We spoke to Berniece Hieckmann, Head of Client and
12 Nov 2018
Recover your password Forgot password? Behaviour metrics authentication in mobile devices
It often seems that virtually everybody is unhappy with today’s password-dependent authentication schemes – either for the reason that it’s nigh impossible to
09 May 2016
Technology without boundaries Mobile payments are a force for positive disruption
In a fast-paced, technology-driven world, it is becoming more and more important that all industries keep up with the pace and the needs of consumers. In the banking world the
13 Apr 2016 - R. S.
CHEAP DATA The right to cheap data
Latest statistics from World Wide Worx reveal that 90% of the 6.4 million South Africans who access the internet in South Africa rely solely on an internet connection on their mobile phones.
19 Mar 2014
Big Data Effective data governance is critical
Big Data analytics is touted for its ability to help organisations in the financial services industry to improve their customer experience, manage risk, more accurately detect fraud, and deliver a host of other
04 Mar 2014
Online banking Security threat report highlights concern for banking and mobile apps
In its recent Q3 2013 Security Roundup Report, Trend Micro (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704) warns consumers of a peak in both the volume of Apple iOS phishing sites, as well as a sizable uptick in online banking malware.
14 Nov 2013
Internet speeds New lightning-fast WiFi standard on the horizon
The latest standard and fifth generation in WiFi protocols, the 802.11ac promises to deliver speeds on wireless LAN sites of up to three times faster than the previous 802.11n standard
18 Jun 2013
ICT: Cloud email security Mimecast: Leader in cloud-based email archiving, continuity and security
Mimecast has once again been recognised as the front runner in hosted email management and security solutions, according to research group, BackChannel
11 Mar 2013
Law of social media Unforeseen tensions in balancing rights
While the founders of South Africa’s Constitution could not have foreseen the tension that social media would create for rights to privacy and to freedom of expression, a recent court ruling brings clarity.
07 Feb 2013
Digital data explosion Meeting broadcasting’s digital archiving challenge
The digital data explosion is a well-documented phenomenon, and one that affects many different industries and areas of business – including the broadcasting sector.
16 Jan 2013 - S. L.
Security Cash Guarding Against Crime
With almost R80-million worth of banknotes in circulation, cash remains the primary currency in South Africa. And when cash is king, security is key.
28 Dec 2012 - G. D.

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