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“AgendaWorx not only is a fantastic time-saving and very efficient and user-friendly electronic agenda tool, but it also serves as an electronic library providing immediate and easy access to all fund documents, previous agendas and minutes within a secure web-based environment, regardless of whether you are a sponsor, employer, member or independent trustee or principal officer. In all the years we’ve been utilising the tool we’ve never experienced downtime or security breaches. We will never revert back to manual ways.”

So says Tanya Bakker, Independent Principal Officer, Momentum FundsAtWork.

AgendaWorx is an online board pack and meeting management tool that allows you to manage your meetings, participants and action items from one easy-to use platform. No infrastructure expenditure, software downloads, syncing or updates are required. Log on instantly from wherever you are, on any device, across any platform. AgendaWorx is proudly South African, developed and supported locally.
The first client joined in 2011 and the system has been gaining in popularity ever since with the likes of Liberty, SAB Provident Fund, Momentum, Sanlam Umbrella Funds, Absa and many others benefiting from its efficiencies.

Proudly South African and supported locally

‘In my previous life as an employee benefits consultant, I spent too many late nights preparing enormous agenda packs,’ says Zeldeen Muller, CEO of inSite Education (the developers of AgendaWorx). ‘So we set about creating an easy to use system to save time and money, and to avoid a lot of frustration for both the meeting participants as well as the board secretaries. Our tool will help you manage all your meetings and eliminate your paper trail.’

Designed specifically to simplify and streamline board meetings, AgendaWorx is not just an electronic agenda system. The inSite team run a virtual office, which is 100% paperless. All their agendas, documents, spreadsheets, videos, records, etc. are electronically archived and managed by AgendaWorx, which they also use for their own project management on a daily basis.

‘AgendaWorx assists each of our team members to view and manage action items that pertain specifically to them and to set email reminders for tasks that have to be completed at a specific date,’ explains Sarah Heuer, inSite Education’s editor, who has a passion for efficient organisation.
AgendaWorx is secure: all information is encrypted with meeting managers having version control over all documents in the comprehensive library.
AgendaWorx is competitively priced to allow both small business and large organisations to improve their internal processes.

The inSite team continually reassesses and refines the AgendaWorx tool to make it as effective and user-friendly as possible, tailored to specific client requirements. In this way, the team provides clients with continued savings of both time and money.

‘We want to know what frustrates our clients so that we can brainstorm and find workable solutions. One example is our minute-taking functionality, which allows the meeting secretary to copy the agenda to a set of minutes, which is edited and sent right there in the meeting,’ says Mat Dewey, communications consultant at inSite education.

inSite’s latest update to the revolutionary AgendaWorx system includes a Board Assessment functionality. In line with King III and Pension Fund Circular PF130, formal FSB-aligned board assessments are required annually. These can be conducted on AgendaWorx from any device at a time convenient to each board member.

‘It all happens in real-time,’ explains Rolf Nel, web developer at inSite Education. ‘You can also assign an action item to a specific person after the meeting, and AgendaWorx will notify them of the action items assigned to them.’

Set-up is quick and easy. Clients can be up and running in less than a day. The inSite team is also available to assist clients to load their first meeting pack and train their boards on-site.

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Zeldeen Muller

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