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According to BackChannel’s bi-annual Hosted Email Security Report, Mimecast continues to make significant headway within the sector, expanding overall market share from 28.4% in January 2012 to 31.2% in July 2012.

Significantly, Mimecast has now overtaken its competitors by a considerable margin, netting a greater market share than a number of prominent service providers, combined. 

“We are extremely pleased with our continued development as an organisation. Mimecast’s global presence and superior product offering not only made it possible to achieve majority market share at the beginning of 2012, but also to extend this lead in the following six months,” says Garth Wittles, Managing Director at Mimecast South Africa.

“The South African cloud security market is growing more swiftly than ever before; we look forward to capitalising on a marked increase in the uptake of managed email services and will continue to work towards extending local presence throughout the remainder of 2012 and beyond.”

These results are supported by BackChannel’s rigorous survey process. In order to accurately quantify South Africa’s cloud-based email security market the organisation electronically surveyed over 3600 organisations, identifying a number of pertinent market trends. 

Chief amongst these was a 40% increase in South African cloud-based email services between 2010 and 2012. Significantly, technology adoption rates for Mimecast increased by 170% during the same period. 

“Mimecast has definitely been the organisation to watch over the past two years. Its continued growth is indicative of both its presence as a growing force within the cloud-based email security services landscape as well as the uptake in remotely managed product offerings within the South African market,” says Steve Barnett, Director at BackChannel Research.

“This kind of continued growth highlights the fact that Mimecast focuses on what it does best. Competitors have fallen to the wayside due to a lack of emphasis on core service offerings; in comparison, Mimecast has continued to offer premium products and services which meet customer needs. That’s why they are the market leaders,” adds Barnett.

As part of this study, Barnett also noted that South Africa is particularly forward thinking when it comes to adopting new technology or services. 

“The market penetration for cloud-based email technology is particularly high in South Africa. In fact, the country is up there with first world territories such as the United States of America and Scandinavia, which are well known for their openness towards new services,” concludes Barnett. 

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