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Capitec banks on Altech ISIS to drive innovation

Capitec banks on Altech ISIS to drive innovation
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Just like telecoms firms, financial institutions typically also spend more on information technology (IT) – including software, hardware and services – than other services. A recent forecast, by analyst firm Ovum, predicts that IT spending by retail banks will grow by 3.4% to reach US$ 118.6 billion in 2013. This is due to banks making a renewed effort to win back customer trust following the recession, improve their basic business operations and keep their operational costs low.

A South African consumer bank is following suit. As part of its quest to keep providing its customers with a revolutionary banking service, Capitec Bank has enlisted the assistance of African customer management solutions provider and systems integrator Altech ISIS.

Research conducted by the South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi) reveals that Capitec was recently rated among the top two banks in the country. According to the survey, its customers rated their bank statistically on par with the industry, awarding the bank a score of 79.4. This puts it just one rung lower than competitor FNB, and above all three of South Africa’s other large consumer banks. Capitec is also South Africa’s fastest growing retail bank and is changing the retail banking landscape in the country.

“To help keep this momentum going, Altech ISIS currently has a number of resources in place at Capitec’s premises nationwide to assist this financial giant in implementing strategic systems,” says Anton van Heerden, general manager of Altech ISIS. “Those systems are designed to aid all Capitec’s consultants at branches all over South Africa to ensure that the bank’s clients continue to enjoy a world-class service. Capitec’s growth is a result of excellent service, a fantastic customer model and technical innovation. Altech ISIS is helping shape and lay the foundation of the bank’s core IT systems and processes".

The nature of the work that is being provided to Capitec by Altech ISIS is far reaching, including development, analysis and design and architecture services. “Altech ISIS works to customise the system around the business we are serving, not the business around the system", says Van Heerden.

“We have spent more than 11 years building our agile methodology to create services and products that can be configured to exactly meet our clients’ needs so that they, in turn, can provide the best customer experience for their end clients.”

Altech ISIS specialises in creating niche applications that are very specific to organisations and therefore require bespoke development. “Since providing quality service is a cornerstone of Capitec’s corporate culture, Altech ISIS is developing an IT services architecture that is designed around customer-focused business functions that will further enhance the bank’s business process management and continually improve the customer process”, Van Heerden explains.

Van Heerden says that they realise that even banks have budget constraints. “We are aware that acquiring and retaining the necessary specialist skills for successful execution in any business can place an enormous strain on long-term budgets. This is why we customise applications and optimise our customer management processes to maximise customer satisfaction, while keeping resource overheads as low as possible.”

However, Van Heerden points out that Altech ISIS’s involvement doesn’t stop after they have overhauled the system. “We don’t simply move onto the next client. Altech ISIS provides teams of highly skilled business analysts, under-managed services business models, they perform requirement analysis and specification for significant projects or as part of an ongoing service. Our analysts have extensive experience in our various customer management related functional and business domains and are therefore, well positioned to handle the full scope of the solution".


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