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Independent financial advisors (IFAs) have a wealth of ways to take care of their clients’ best interests and ensure that their assets are managed in the best possible manner. One of the more interesting options is to work with a boutique asset manager. However, the advantages that these firms enjoy are not always fully understood. Instead, IFAs often elect to play it safe by investing their clients’ money with the big players. While these massive firms, with their enormous asset bases, are understandably reassuring to the more conservative investor, a proper understanding of boutique firms can add a certain amount of flexibility to an IFA’s approach. 

The major advantage enjoyed by boutique firms is their agility. In simple terms, their small size enables them to establish positions much more quickly than their larger counterparts – which could translate into major financial benefits for clients. Find out more about these small, nimble asset management outfits in this issue of Blue Chip from Fundhouse’s Ian Jones, who describes the “balancing act” that successful boutique firms undertake in their quest for success. We also interview Laurium’s Murray Winckler for some insider insight into the day-to-day operations of a boutique asset manager that has racked up an impressive track record of success within its 10 years of existence.

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