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Perspectives on transformation

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Change and transformation are the order of the day at present, nowhere more than in the financial services industry. To begin with, the FPI has begun a new chapter in its existence, with an exciting new mixture of vision and purpose, as detailed by new CEO Lelané Bezuidenhout in the Foreword to this issue and further elaborated on in an introductory article on page 18. We welcome Ms Bezuidenhout and wish her every success in this important venture.

Retirement is one of life's biggest changes, and it falls to the financial advisor to help their clients prepare for this stage of their lives as best they can. Naturally, quite apart from the emotional and mental considerations implicit in this transformation, adequate retirement capital is essential if the desired retirement lifestyle is to be achieved. Financial planners have to do their homework and ensure that this capital is not reduced by fees and other hidden costs that can be avoided. A number of perspectives on this aspect of financial planning are contained in this issue, including an examination of issues around fees.

When it comes to personal development, it seems that more and more professionals are realising that the process of transformation begins internally, not only for themselves but also for their clients. We hope you enjoy the inspirational testimony and insights shared by our professional contributors in this issue.

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