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Title: Finance Leaders Africa 2014

Date: 4-5 September 2014

Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel & Resorts, The Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa

Why you cannot miss this Event:

The role of the CFO and Head of Finance has, over time, transitioned from a number crunching to a strategic role that demands an all inclusive portfolio of skills. CFOs and Financial Directors have now to not only managed the financial perspective of the business, but also the more strategic, integrative role, and donning these two hats is no easy task. Financial heads today find themselves taking on the implementation of corporate governance values and managing risk, at the same time as balancing the cash flow. Budgeting, forecasting now goes hand in hand with Board Management, and this together with investor relations means that a Heads of Finance has their hands very full.

In our current financial climate, extra challenges are being added on to the financial heads role. With the rising inflation, unstable currency, and investment dropping, organisations are struggling to find a balance. Cost cutting strategies are on the tip of every manager’s tongue and while all other costs are rising around them, it is the CFO’s role to implement a reduction of costs in the organisation. Maintaining a sustainable and successful relationship with the CEO is also one of the CFO’s greatest roles as this relationship will determine the success of the organisation.

Join us for a two day first of its kind event. A gathering of financial minds to highlight the challenges face in this uncertain economic climate; to discuss how to manage the role strategically and share ideas in taking your organisation to financial success. Boasting of panel of only the leaders in their fields, this event promises to assist you in transforming your role into an effective and efficient Chief Financial Officer.

Your Expert Speakers:

Jo-Ann Pohl, Chief Financial Officer of Standard Chartered Bank

David Jessop, Chief Financial Officer of Simba at Pepsico

Anusha Naidoo, Financial Director of Omnia Group

Johannes Kitaka, Chief Financial Officer of Jubilee Insurance (Kenya)

Bikash Prasad, Chief Financial Officer of Olam International Limited

Zafar Mohamed, Chief Financial Officer of Ellerine and many more.


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Title: Corporate Fraud: Prevention, Detection and Investigation Masterclass

Date: 16th & 17th October 2014

Venue: Tribe Hotel Nairobi, Kenya



Why you Cannot Miss this Event:

To this day, fraud remains an organisations biggest threat, and most organisations internationally are continually faced with the terminal effects of internal or external fraudulent activity. Not only does East Africa face some of the highest instances of internal, white collar crime, but this fraud wipes out an average of five percent of an organisations annual income. This overwhelming amount not only indicates the immense challenge faced by organisations in East Africa, it indicates how this white collar crime is expanding and multiplying exponentially. Industry practitioners face a daily challenge of new techniques, evolving technology and unique types of fraud that they are charged with overcoming.

This intensive, interactive and highly practical two day workshop aims at giving you back the upper hand against white collar criminals. The highly respected facilitator, with years of hands on experience, will kit you out with the latest tips, tools, techniques and models for you to effectively combat the imminent risk faced by your organisation. Providing you with the A to Z of fraud lifecycle management and highly practical sessions, this course will provide you with the ultimate tools in safeguarding your organisation against the onslaught of corporate fraud. Arm yourself, and win this corporate battle.

Your Course Facilitator:

Robert Cameron-Ellis

CA(SA) RA CFE CEO Honorary Member

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Robert Cameron-Ellis is one of the leading forensic accountants in South Africa. A Chartered Accountant, Registered Auditor and Certified Fraud Examiner, for the last 25 years, Robert has specialised in providing accounting and forensic audit support to the legal process. His experience includes four years in London and Eastern Europe and many engagements in Africa. The auditor’s holistic approach married to the focused discipline of a Certified Fraud Examiner have often meant the difference between working with the facts you have and that extra evidence which swings the case the way of real justice.

Space is limited, Come in a group of 3 delegates and receive 10% discount off the full fee!
For more information and registration, contact Emily Ng at EmilyNg@marcusevanskl.comor +603 2723 6662


Title: Legal Risk 2014
Date: 20th & 21st November 2014
Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa



Why you Cannot Miss this Event:

This conference addresses issues facing legal teams head on and increases awareness of the potentially threatening scenarios and best strategies to mitigate them. An inclusive combination of case studies, roundtable discussions and half day workshops, allows delegates to receive the most up to date information in the most practical, informative and interactive setting. We aim to demonstrate how to ensure compliance to latest legislation. We will elaborate on effectively combating cyber crime and corruption as well as how to maximise IP law in an age of innovation. Mitigating risks associated with cross border transactions will be a focal point as organisations branch into Africa to further their corporate initiatives. Importantly, we intend on providing a 360 degree perspective on the role of legal teams, as they transform into enterprise wide power houses of risk mitigation.

Boasting several high profile speakers, together with experienced and learned trainers, this conference will provide a holistic and comprehensive perspective on maximizing legal risk mitigation efforts. Get to grips with the latest legislative environment and compliance requirements, and take your rightful place as business leaders on a global corporate stage. You can’t afford to miss this exclusive opportunity.

Space is limited, Come in a group of 3 delegates and receive 10% discount off the full fee!
For more information and registration, contact Emily Ng at or +603 2723 6662


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