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This year marks the 29th FPI Professionals Convention. Regarded as the largest and most significant event in the calendar of financial planning professionals, the convention has a proud history of hosting the best local and international speakers on topics that add value to South Africa’s financial planners and advisors, and the customers we serve. The event attracts over 1 000 delegates, including exhibitors and sponsors, each year.

The convention promises an excellent line-up of some of the best local and international thought leaders and speakers such as a renowned political commentator Justice Malala, Noel Maye, chief executive officer of Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB), Deena Katz, author of six books on financial planning and practice management topics, Phil Masinga (Bafana Bafana and Leeds football legend) and Eugene Zwane (Orlando Pirates legend).

Why do delegates attend the FPI Professionals Convention?

If you want to create, build and sustain the online presence of your practice through the creative use of website, emails and social media, or if you want to be kept up to date about the latest regulatory and financial planning changes, including the latest technology and software, or whether you want to network and share your knowledge with like-minded professionals, then this programme is designed for you!

If you are not sold as yet, here are five additional reasons why you need to attend:

Meet experts and thought-leaders in the industry face-to-face;
Be inspired by the latest industry trends and how they are implemented;
Gain tools and practical insights to build trust with your clients;
Immerse yourself in exceptional content, push your career development to the next level and claim CPD points; and
Experience transformational networking and lifelong relationship-building with industry front-runners and fellow CFP ®professionals at the FPI Awards Ceremony Gala Dinner.

This year’s convention will be held from 19-20 October 2017 at Century City Conference Centre, Cape Town.

The African financial planning community, led by FPI, to host the 2017 FPSB Global Member Meeting

We are, indeed, excited about the opportunity to host the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) and the entire global leadership of the financial planning profession in Cape Town. This event, slated to take place on 21-27 October, brings together the Directors of FPSB as well as the leaders of FPI’s sister financial planning professional bodies from over 26 FPSB membership territories around the world.

This leadership group meets regularly to:

Develop and review global standards for the financial planning profession, develop possible evolution paths for the profession;
Monitor trends that may have a bearing on the practice of the profession;
Share best practice on implementing professional standards; and
Develop common approaches to engaging regulators and policymakers in the respective territories on how best to regulate the financial planning and advice in the interest of the public.

This global gathering provides an opportunity to raise awareness of FPSB and its mission of benefiting the global community by establishing, upholding and promoting worldwide professional standards in financial planning.

With South Africa having one of the worst saving rates in the world, the opportunity to ensure the public understands the importance and benefits of the financial planning process and how it can make South Africans lives better has never been more relevant.

With the event being held in South Africa, it provides FPI an opportunity to work closely with FPSB to promote and communicate the highest levels of professionalism that CFP® professionals adhere to.

The FPI Board and executive office are working closely to ensure that the event is a resounding success, not just for FPSB, but also that it provides a good number of spin-offs for FPI.

Godfrey Nti ,

Chief Executive Officer, Financial Planning Institute

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