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Franchise leadership

CEO of Taste Holdings' food division, Christo Calitz.
CEO of Taste Holdings Food Division, Christo Calitz.gif

Franchising is an industry that presents countless business possibilities for ambitious entrepreneurs.

However, those looking to enter this industry still require the support of experienced and expert management.

Chief executive officer at Taste Holdings'food division, Christo Calitz, explains why strong franchise leadership is essential to the development of a food franchise brand by sharing a few insights from Scooters Pizza.

The world of food franchising is an exciting, dynamic and enticing opportunity for up and coming entrepreneurs, with data released by Statistics SA recently revealing that takeaway and fast-food outlets experienced a 10.6% total income increase in July last year compared with July 2011.

The reasons for the success of this market are not hard to decipher.

The prospect of receiving the support and guidance of a trusted, reputable and already marketable brand is undoubtedly an attractive element, as one is almost guaranteed to have a footprint to long-term business success.

However, the benefits that a franchise can offer a new franchisee are also determined by the level of expertise, experience and leadership that resides within the company itself.

Further, effective franchisors have the ability to be effective in identifying and nurturing the appropriate franchisee candidates.

Franchise leaders should prioritise the development of a capable franchise group over earning quick money, as a smooth-functioning team will help ensure that the brand and its assets truly perform according to their maximum potential and value.

As one of South Africa’s leading pizza franchises, with a reputation built on great food and quick service, Scooters Pizza has consistently demonstrated outstanding franchise leadership, and ensures that its franchisees are guaranteed a platform on which they can acquire a loyal customer base.

Our training academy division is at the industry forefront of guidance and support, and provides  franchisees with all the necessary tools required to make a success of their new business venture. 

As an added bonus, we offer franchisees the services of our skills trainer in store during the first week of operation, to guide and assist with daily operational processes such as stock taking and stock ordering, and selling the final product produced in the store. 

After being introduced to a dedicated franchise manager, franchisees are further provided with ongoing training, with the manager on hand to assist with every aspect of the business as well as any marketing requirements.

Scooters Pizza’s strategic decision to refresh our brand image in 2012 has already paid dividends for our company, and is yet another example of the decisive and innovative leadership that we display on an ongoing basis.

Ultimately, the sustainability and endurance of a food franchise is determined by the level of leadership that the franchisor can offer its franchisees.

As one of the leaders in the franchise food space, Scooters Pizza looks forward to incorporating more talented young business people into our brand, and helping them to make a success of their entrepreneurial goals.  

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