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The medical insurance industry in South Africa is one that has not been in existence for a lengthy period of time and can be described as an industry that is constantly advancing to adequately address the specific needs of South African citizens.

Medical insurance, what is it exactly? That is the initial question from most people on this topic. Does it bear similarity to a medical aid and how does it differ? One can spend countless hours debating the differences and discussing which of the two is feasible for different reasons. We can also spend exhaustive amounts of time explaining the technical terms and citing out The Insurance and Medical Board Acts, but what it does come down to, is that the average South African needs to know that they will have access to affordable healthcare that will cover them when most needed.

Medicall Healthcare was founded on the basis of the fundamental need for private healthcare in communities where the same was grossly inaccessible owing to the cost factor. Often those who cannot gain access to medical aid schemes simply because it is not within their financial reach, become solely reliant on government funded healthcare facilities. These public facilities, although constantly improving, still pose certain limitations regarding the quality of care received. In addition they also struggle in some instances to be on par with technological advancements in the medical field required to accommodate the ever evolving need for advanced and innovative methods of medical treatment.

Founder of Medicall Healthcare, Ms Bridgette Rayne, has not just done statistical market research but has actually had first-hand interaction and experience with those who have not been privileged enough to gain access to private medical care.

She has taken the initiative to understand the plight and challenges that the bulk of South African citizens face. In her experiences, she was exposed to the common socio-economic problems that are prevalent in our country across every race, creed, culture and ethnic group. This allowed her to aptly identify and understand the need of people specifically when it came to access to healthcare. Owing to this extensive research and personal interaction with people regarding the basic need for healthcare, Ms Rayne understood perfectly that to design a product without factoring in the human element that focused primarily on improving the quality of life of any given South African, would indeed be a disservice. She carefully and meticulously, over several years put together a healthcare plan that was accessible and advantageous to all South African citizens with the main objective, above all else, to be a “Medical Insurance solution that touches lives”

Medicall Healthcare, has in a short space of time proven itself to be a very well received product that boasts benefits which accurately meet specific need within the private healthcare space. This means that it is certainly not a product that offers benefits that are unnecessary or inappropriate to the South African market, but rather addresses the common and specific healthcare requirements of any given South African citizen. This positively compliments and adds value to the life of each and every Medicall Healthcare member.

The versatility and structure of the product as a whole has allowed Medicall Healthcare to be an insurance product that deviates from the norm in the sense that it is a product that is bought and not sold. This unique stance that Medicall Healthcare has assumed in the insurance industry is hinged on many factors but mostly because the product’s design is primarily influenced by humanity as a focal point and thus proves in all aspects to be mindful of its member’s needs.

The product offering in itself consists of daily benefits for out-of-hospital medical needs and a stated benefit hospital plan benefit with an added funeral benefit cover.

The day-to-day benefit consists of unlimited medically necessary general practitioner consultations; specialist visits; access to both acute and chronic medication; basic pathology; basic radiology; basic dentistry; and basic optometry. Medicall Healthcare is ultimately a preventative healthcare insurance solution meaning that its focus is on primary care. Primary care includes services offered by a network of general practitioners and through this network referral, to most specialists.

A recent study revealed that South Africa has in the region of four private hospital beds to accommodate every one thousand insured lives as opposed to countries that are far more advanced which only possess, on average two beds to accommodate every one thousand insured lives. The market niche that Medicall Healthcare possesses is that the plan in itself functions with the use of a network of medical professionals.

Our members are offered piece of mind that each medical professional that they visit will be in consistent contact with each other, thus allowing for treatment to be streamlined and for as far as possible limit hospitalisation, or avoid it entirely. Medicall Healthcare is aware of the disruptive repercussions that may arise from hospitalisation and has therefore assumed the responsibility of being proactive in the primary care of all our members.

In some instances, hospitalisation is absolutely imperative; it is for this reason that Medicall Healthcare, after much review and deliberation, has formulated a plan that protects its members in every aspect of hospitalisation. Partnered with all private hospitals and groups within the boundaries of South Africa, our stated benefit insurance plan is able to offer service to those in even the most remote areas. The Hospital Plan consists of an Accident Benefit; accidental disability benefit; illness benefit; illness booster benefit; specific illness benefit; dread disease benefit; 24 hour emergency service; and emergency medical advice
and assistance.

Medicall Healthcare also offers a basic family funeral benefit as an added benefit. All hospital benefits are subject to pre-authorisation; this serves as a safety net to our members as admissions are negotiated on the member’s behalf to ensure an effortless and seamless hospitalisation process.

Medicall Healthcare thrives on innovation and proactivity within the field of private healthcare.

Constantly aiming to exceed the expectations of our current and prospective members, we are in the process of bringing to market fresh, new and exciting products that not only continue to touch lives but also motivate and educate on the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Medicall Healthcare has positioned itself to advance in leaps and bounds and is enthusiastic to assume its role as a leading healthcare provider that continues to make a difference in the way South Africans perceive private healthcare and strive to make the same easily accessible to all our
fellow citizens.

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