Johannesburg Stock Exchange launches new services for listed companies

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The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) announced that it is to launch new services to its listed companies and other issuers. The range of services will help companies identify prospective investors, build profile and communicate with existing investors and the market.

"The new services include hosting company investor meetings at the exchange, seminars on regulatory changes and integrated reporting, improving investor and media relations skills and updating Listings Requirements knowledge," says Michelle Joubert Head of Investor Relations. "The global focus on corporate governance and transparency means that many listed companies are asking to up their skills in these areas. For that reason, the exchange is working with sector experts to provide the services that companies need."

The services are also aimed at unlisted businesses seeking to list, with a particular focus on companies from elsewhere on the continent or world which are considering listing on the South African exchange. The aim is to help listed companies promote their businesses in South Africa and abroad.

Included in the JSE's strategy has been forming a media hub at the exchange, which will be home to CNBC Africa, Bloomberg TV Africa, Biznews.com and PowerFM. CNBC Africa launched its TV studio in the JSE media hub today, from which it will run business TV programming from the hub. "The media hub is a critical component of our Issuer Relations strategy to create opportunities for our issuers to engage with their stakeholders," says Joubert.
"Our discussions with international investors indicate that they are interested in JSE-listed stocks as well as building their exposure to the African continent. We hope to facilitate this by providing platforms for our listed companies to build their profile and engage more effectively with prospective investors and analysts," says Joubert.

Foreign investors are already active on the JSE accounting for approximately 25% of trading activity on the Equity Market. While international outreach is important, much focus will also be given to connecting companies with the South Africa's well-established institutional investment community.

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