New CEO, new vision

Peter Tshiguvho brings experience, knowledge, passion and strong leadership ability to Metropolitan Retail


Peter Tshiguvho, the new CEO of Metropolitan Retail, began his career as a graduate in training at Old Mutual South Africa and worked his way up to become a Sales Support Manager. During this time, he served in various roles within different branches and geographic areas around South Africa and began studying towards his Master of Business Administration in Strategic Planning and Leadership.

He subsequently took up the position of Divisional Manager at Sage Life, where he headed up Sage Family Benefits, an operational company dealing with group funeral policies. After four years with the company he made the move to African Life Assurance where, as the Corporate Business Manager, he was responsible for growing the corporate business through building relationships with brokers and clients, as well as by managing the company’s sales consultants.

Tshiguvho then joined Ithala Development Finance Corporation as the Insurance Division Manager, where he managed the company’s short- and long-term insurance business units and also served as an Executive Committee Member. Two years later, he left to become Assistant General Manager of Sales and Marketing at AVBOB. In this role, he formulated and implemented the organisation’s insurance sales strategy, led sales and developed marketing plans.

For the next four years he worked at ABSA, initially as a General Manager in the company’s insurance division and later as Provincial General Manager. He then became Head of Life – Distribution and, at the same time, earned his Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning.

Tshiguvho later served as Head of Distribution at Old Mutual Africa, before taking up a role as the company's Head of Corporate & Public Worksites.

In February 2017, he joined Metropolitan Retail as Head of Channel and, in April 2018, was promoted to CEO, thanks to his extensive financial services distribution experience that has seen him fulfilling multiple roles across different product segments and markets, both in South Africa and the rest of the continent. Tshiguvho brings experience, knowledge, passion and strong leadership ability to his new role.

A topic close to Tshiguvho’s heart is financial inclusion. “More spending on education, health and public safety saves consumers having to pay for these services themselves. This means more money in their pockets and more need for financial services – a positive step to financial inclusion,” says Tshiguvho.

The private sector also has an important role in creating wealth

“For the financial services industry, this means driving education, which is critical to ensure broad-based financial inclusion. Ideally, financial literacy would move in parallel with financial inclusion, so that as more people enter the formal economy, they gain the skills to manage their finances along with their financial service providers,” he says.

As CEO of Metropolitan Retail, Tshiguvho is in the privileged position of being able to drive change, as his remarks on the occasion of his appointment reflect. “Given the stature of our company, my appointment as CEO of Metropolitan Retail is a great honour. I’m thrilled to take up the challenge of enabling success among financial services consumers and look forward to developing new distribution channels and new solutions in our market.”

Looking ahead to 2019, clear communication is key. “We need to be on the same page, agree on the things we need to deliver and hold each other accountable to these deliverables. It’s crucial to go out to market and clearly state what we want to achieve, backed up with well-crafted plans.”

For Tshiguvho, financial advisors are the lynch-pin of the Metropolitan Retail project.

“The advisor is at the centre of what we’re doing. With the right support, our advisors will help clients achieve their life goals, we’ll get the growth that we want, and make a significant contribution to MMI’s three strategic objectives: growth, excellence and client-centricity.

“We have therefore themed the 2019 financial financial year the year of the advisor,” concludes Tshiguvho. 

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