The South African education system is calling out for integration


Whitford is a technological research, advisory and implementation company. We deliver the technology-related expert insight necessary for our clients to make the right decisions. Whitford Group has carried out intensive research on various socio-economic sectors. This research work has given us a thorough understanding of the problems, and opportunities, in South Africa. Among the vast research work that has been done at Whitford is an in-depth look at South Africa’s education system, because education plays an integral role in the country’s sustainable economic development.

Problems that have resonated in the country’s education system include inaccessibility to educational resources, lack of skills development strategies for people already in the workplace, and low performance of students in science and maths-related subjects.

The analysis that we carried out on South Africa’s basic education matric results for 2013 revealed that, out of 59.5% of learners who passed maths in 2013, only 16.3% managed to obtain 60% and above (which is a minimum university requirement). In physical science: out of 67.4% of learners who wrote the examinations, 14% managed to obtain 60% and above.

Maths and science are the key subjects in developing SA’s critical skill base. However, the feasibility studies done by Whitford Group showed that low performance in these subjects hindered the growth of this skills base. As a consequence, the lack of skills in various industries such as manufacturing, engineering, information and communication technology (ICT), finance etc. negatively impacts the country’s economic growth.

Whitford Group has recently initiated a web-based maths platform that aims to assist learners in the further education and training (FET) phase with maths skills. This is a virtual learning platform that provides interactive maths tuition, revision and assessment. In addition, we have successfully implemented a similar platform within the higher education sector, particularly in FET colleges in KwaZulu-Natal.

Through research, Whitford has been able to identify how integration of ICTs in education has the potential to alleviate the above stated problems. Implementation of educational technologies in education and training institutes through our eLearning Programme has been and will continue to be our innovative way of contributing to the improvement and accessibility of education in the country. Our functional and industry expertise supports organisations seeking to tackle the toughest socio-economic challenges and issues related to education, energy and mining.

Adil Nchabeleng, CEO of Whitford Group
Whitford Group is headquartered in Raslouw AH, Centurion, Pretoria


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