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Trade balance shifts

Africa becomes SA’s top agricultural export destination

Africa becomes SA’s top agricultural export destination
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For the first time in 10 years, more South African agricultural exports went to Africa than to Europe, reports Standard Bank’s online publication, Biz Connect.

The publication states that for the past decade Europe has been South Africa’s top agricultural export destination. “However, the balance shifted in 2012, with exports to Africa representing 31.2% of agricultural exports, and the EU receiving 29.9% of SA agricultural exports.

The African market is expected to grow consistently, especially for commodities such as fresh fruits and wine,” the report notes.

These results were included in the Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy’s baseline report for 2013 to 2022, in which it says agricultural exports from South Africa to other African countries totaled R17.3 billion, with R16.6 billion worth of agricultural produce being sold to the EU.

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