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PRAVIN GORDHAN'S BUDGET PULLS OF A BALANCING ACT Budget Speech 2017/18 cushions the blows of a weak economy for the poor and asks the wealthy to pay more
With South African government facing a R28 billion shortfall in tax revenue collection, Budget Speech 2017/8 was never going to have much good news for consumers and business
23 Feb 2017 - R. C.
Small business beneficiation Small businesses to benefit from budget
Of the R1.3 billion allocated to the Small Business Development Department for the 2016/17 financial year, 83 percent will go towards strengthening small businesses and
12 May 2016
Budget 2016 Encouraging for SMMEs, but more detail needed
The South African government is well aware that the small, medium and micro enterprise (SMME) sector is the key to unlocking job creation and economic growth over the next decade
02 Mar 2016
5 Key Budget 2016 highlights you might have missed Bursuries, ETI, National Minimum Wage, National Health Insurance and Personal Income Tax
Last week Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan did an admirable job of balancing South Africa’s books at a difficult economic time in his 2016 Budget. There were few surprises in
02 Mar 2016
Budget 2014 Citadel commentary on Gordhan's speech
The 2014 Budget Speech delivered by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan underscored Government’s commitment to growth, yet emphasised the need for fiscal discipline.
04 Mar 2014
2013 Budget Speech Gordhan delivers a safe, no-surprises budget
On Wednesday, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan delivered a safe budget with no real surprises, with R7-billion personal tax relief that is R2.5-billion less than in the previous tax year
27 Feb 2013


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