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DELOITTE REVEALS NEXT GENERATION OF COST SAVINGS STRATEGIES IN THE AGE OF DIGITAL DISRUPTION Report indicates nearly two-thirds of companies surveyed fail to reach even modest targets when using traditional and tactical strategies
The future of cost management has arrived. According to Deloitte’s first ever “Global Cost Survey Report," companies that fail to keep stride with the pace of
28 Mar 2018
Managing and optimising a digital customer experience The hybrid enterprise is alive and well–and it’s here to stay
Companies and organisations today drive digital transformation through creating innovative Systems of Engagement (SoE), based upon rethinking how to engage with their target
05 Apr 2017
DIGITAL IS NOW How to engage Gen Y
Digital isn’t about innovation strategies or disruption any longer. Digital is here. Digital is now and if you don’t have a digital footprint – you will lose
14 Nov 2016
Digital Banking Demands New Tech & Vendors Emerging and startup digital banking platform technologies are the key to success of digital initiatives in our new hi-tech economy, says Gartner, Inc.
Banks face intense pressure to increase efficiencies and reduce costs while, at the same time, delivering next-generation digital services, although Gartner (the world’s
21 Sep 2016
Technology Without Boundaries Mobile payments are a force for positive disruption
In a fast-paced, technology-driven world, it is becoming more and more important that all industries keep up with the pace and the needs of consumers. In the banking world the
28 Jun 2016
DDoS Attacks DDoS attacks don’t have to mean ‘game over’
Of all the information security threats keeping information security pros awake at night, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are certainly one of the most haunting. DDoS
17 Jun 2016
Cutting edge Capitec banks on Altech ISIS to drive innovation
Financial institutions typically spend more on information technology (IT) – including software, hardware and services – than other services.
15 Apr 2013
Digital data explosion Meeting broadcasting’s digital archiving challenge
The digital data explosion is a well-documented phenomenon, and one that affects many different industries and areas of business – including the broadcasting sector.
16 Jan 2013 - S. L.

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