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Foreword The way forward for the FPI
As you know, 2018 was a tough year for the FPI. I’m pleased to tell you that we’ve formulated a new strategy and enhanced our governance processes. The FPI Board has
15 Apr 2019 - S. P.
Securing the future of education A call to invest in the University of Venda
Many South African universities are considered among the best in the world. However, there are also many issues that are hidden below the surface that have come to the fore in
04 Mar 2019
Confidence boost SA’s refocus on growth has created a supportive environment for investment
South Africa has seen a critical refocus on investment growth in recent months as well as a much- needed confidence boost, creating a more supportive environment for private-
03 Sep 2018
#GraduatesMustFindJobs The #FeesMustFall movement is running riot, and free tertiary education is the demand, but is the higher education system already producing too many graduates? Are there enough opportunities in the labour market for every new graduate every year?
By examining the government’s quality indicators for learning and teaching, it is possible to measure students’ experience, satisfaction and graduate employment
05 Apr 2017
Third Stream income as a means of funding higher education Doctor John Mudau, CEO of the UNIVEN Innovative Growth Company Pty (Ltd) at the University of Venda, shares his insight into the challenges of funding higher learning
What role does the UIGC play in higher education in South Africa? The UIGC is a third stream income entity (commercial wing) of the University of Venda. It is registered as a
05 Apr 2017
Datacentrix shows strong growth Datacentrix shows strong growth for four-month period to end June 2016
Integrated ICT systems provider, Datacentrix has announced its financial results for the four-month period ended 30 June 2016, in line with its announcement earlier this year that
08 Sep 2016
Optimum Performance Learning and development goes further than trainers and HR
By virtue of the fact that learning and development (L&D) functions in the Education, Training and Development (ETD) sector, many believe that its role purely relates to
28 Jun 2016
Black women take the lead Sinayo Securities (Pty) Ltd is making a name for itself
Sinayo Securities (Pty) Ltd (“Sinayo Securities”) was born out of the idea that there was a lack of black women leadership in the stockbroking industry and therefore a
03 Feb 2016
TECHNOLOGY The South African education system is calling out for integration
Whitford is a technological research, advisory and implementation company. We deliver the technology-related expert insight necessary for our clients to make the right decisions.
25 Aug 2014
Education SA should follow UK lead with financial literacy
The introduction of compulsory financial literacy education into the UK National Curriculum for school children from the age of 15, is a positive move towards improving the nation’s personal finance skills.
25 Apr 2013


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