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Editor's Note Disruption begins at home
For several years now, disruption and innovation have been the buzzwords du jour at every industry event across the economic spectrum. From agriculture to aviation, from frisbee
15 Apr 2019 - G. P.
Seeing in colour Is the idea of a changing industry real or fantasy, asks Rob Macdonald
There is much talk about how the industry is changing. How regulation and robots are teaming up to carve the financial planning profession into something unrecognisable. How there
04 Mar 2019
About Blue Chip Journal
Blue Chip is first and foremost a journal aimed at informing and empowering South African professionals involved in wealth management.
18 Feb 2019
Flying high FPI Financial Planner of the Year Janet Hugo
The FPI Financial Planner of the Year award is not a popularity contest but a gruelling ordeal in which the financial planner is subjected to expert scrutiny at every stage of the
18 Feb 2019
Foreword Focus on governance and transformation
My introduction to the role of Acting CEO of the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI) has been nothing short of a baptism by fire. However, the trials and
25 Oct 2018 - S. P.
Cutting retirement costs The key to using core funds constructively
Incorporating core (passive) funds in retirement fund planning can reduce costs, especially when overlaid with a life-staging component. We spoke to Jannie Leach, Head of Core
20 Aug 2018
Beware of bias How you think when you invest and how to make better decisions
Much research has been undertaken regarding the biases which people have when making investment (and other) decisions. It’s important to know and understand them in order to
20 Aug 2018 - M. A.
Evolution Unfolds Changing the game with Financial Modelling
Financial planning practices are evolving to adapt to the changing regulatory environment and market, and starting to adopt enabling technologies that assist the adviser to manage
09 Jul 2018
Where Are You Retiring To? A Retiremeantâ„¢ Conversation with Kim Potgieter
As Director and key shareholder at Chartered Wealth Solutions and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional herself, Kim Potgieter has dedicated the last 10 years to
09 Jul 2018
How Would You Like To Die? Questions that should be asked more frequently
What would we be doing now if you had died last night?” is a question one South African financial planner likes to ask early in a meeting with a potential new client. It
09 Jul 2018


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