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Change ahead! Part 1 of an important policy and regulatory update by Pieter Koekemoer
We are amidst a material overhaul of the policy and regulatory frameworks under which the financial services industry operates. Government, in line with global trends, launched a
25 Oct 2018
Free Market Foundation No investment without property rights
President Ramaphosa recently deployed four investment envoys with a target of raising $100bn in investments over the next five years. One of these envoys, former finance minister
14 Aug 2018
ALTIMAX (PTY) LTD Altimax (Pty)Ltd prepare the public sector for impending VAT Change
Previous Minister of Finance, Malusi Gigaba, is now synonymous with one of the most contentious announcements under his reign - the 1% VAT increase shared at the 2018
28 Mar 2018
Bond Yields Fly Again Hawkish Commentary Sees Bond Yields Fly Again
Central bank commentary has been driving headlines throughout the second quarter, from our perspective, and last week was no exception as several monetary policymakers in
07 Jul 2017
#GraduatesMustFindJobs The #FeesMustFall movement is running riot, and free tertiary education is the demand, but is the higher education system already producing too many graduates? Are there enough opportunities in the labour market for every new graduate every year?
By examining the government’s quality indicators for learning and teaching, it is possible to measure students’ experience, satisfaction and graduate employment
05 Apr 2017
PRAVIN GORDHAN'S BUDGET PULLS OF A BALANCING ACT Budget Speech 2017/18 cushions the blows of a weak economy for the poor and asks the wealthy to pay more
With South African government facing a R28 billion shortfall in tax revenue collection, Budget Speech 2017/8 was never going to have much good news for consumers and business
23 Feb 2017 - R. C.
Opportunity brewing in Brazil’s economic crisis Michael Hasenstab Ph.D (Chief Investment Officer, Templeton Global Macro) sees long-term benefits in the struggling Latin American country
Brazil’s political implosion may be a turnoff for foreign investors but, in reality, this crisis will likely facilitate a much-needed break from the toxic combination of
20 Sep 2016
Tax incentives review Tax to boost business sector
Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan says that government is reviewing its tax and spending incentives to ensure that they are more impactful on the business sector. The Minister said
04 May 2016
Budget 2016 Encouraging for SMMEs, but more detail needed
The South African government is well aware that the small, medium and micro enterprise (SMME) sector is the key to unlocking job creation and economic growth over the next decade
02 Mar 2016


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