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Payroll tax 6 things small business owners should know
Small & Medium Business owners face reams of red tape in their businesses, but one area that is especially important to master is payroll. Get it wrong, and you could face
15 Sep 2016
Illegal Capital Flight Steps to Curb Illegal Capital Flight from Africa on SA’s First International Law Association Conference's Agenda
Some estimate that as much as US$50 billion could be seeping out of Africa every year through illicit financial flows - draining foreign exchange reserves, decreasing tax
21 Jul 2016
2014 Mining Indaba African Investment Opportunities Take Center Stage
The recent cyclical turbulence in global mining has strengthened Africa's position as one of the few remaining ground-floor mining investment opportunities
01 Dec 2013
Law: Travel allowance disputes CCMA may be hit with a flurry of work
This, following a recent judgement in the Labour Appeal Court (LAC), there is likely to be a flurry of unfair labour practice disputes at the Commission for Conciliation,
23 Aug 2013
Video Interview: Michael Bagraim part one The Cyril Karabus story: who is to blame?
Michael Bagraim is the president of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and a practising managing partner at Bagraims Attorneys. He is the official legal adviser to the Trade Union Directory.
07 Jun 2013
Law of social media Unforeseen tensions in balancing rights
While the founders of South Africa’s Constitution could not have foreseen the tension that social media would create for rights to privacy and to freedom of expression, a recent court ruling brings clarity.
07 Feb 2013
Cross-border insolvency Landmark bankruptcy case alters law
A court order granted late last year in response to an urgent application from corporate law firm, Bowman Gilfillan, on behalf of Overseas Shipholding Group, created new law in SA
17 Jan 2013
Education Quality of LLB degree under fire
South African attorneys have grown increasingly concerned about the quality of the LLB degree currently being offered in the country’s universities.
09 Oct 2012
Flexibility in structuring transactions The new companies act eases BEE structuring
The new Companies Act brings a much greater degree of flexibility to structuring black economic empowerment (BEE), merger and acquisition (M&A) and other share financing transactions
07 Sep 2012
​Anti-corruption requirements New companies act looks at limiting corruption
Anti-corruption requirements embedded in Companies Act Regulations
24 Aug 2012


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