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Mediclinic, Tongaat, Famous Brands, Aspen… Discovery? When cash flow signals risk
One of the upsides of being a hedge fund manager is that excessive risk can be viewed as an opportunity, rather than a perennial enemy as it is in the long only space. Too much
15 Apr 2019
Looking after the long-term Blue Chip spoke to Christo Becker, the Principal Officer of the Selfmed Medical Scheme that has served South African families for more than 50 years
What are the trends you are seeing in the industry today? Over the last 25 years there has been a consolidation of schemes in the industry and today there are far fewer schemes
20 Sep 2016
Healthcare all in one Medical insurance that touches lives–from Medicall Healthcare
The medical insurance industry in South Africa is one that has not been in existence for a lengthy period of time and can be described as an industry that is constantly advancing
13 Jul 2016


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