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Free Market Foundation No investment without property rights
President Ramaphosa recently deployed four investment envoys with a target of raising $100bn in investments over the next five years. One of these envoys, former finance minister
14 Aug 2018
Property New letting tool allow entrepreneurs to capitalise on growth
A survey undertaken by Torus Capital outlines a positive forecast for the property rental industry in South Africa for 2013 and beyond. Interestingly, the residential property rental market shows potential.
08 May 2013
The Voetstoots Clause No longer always a defence
For a century and more, the 'voetstoots' clause in a contract has proved a solid bulwark for a seller of goods or property
07 Nov 2012
Real Estate Pam Golding voted 'top of the props'
Competing against real estate agencies around the globe, Pam Golding Properties has been awarded Gold for Best Estate Agency in Africa at the international Overseas Property Professional (OPP) Awards ceremony.
17 Oct 2012


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