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Construction sector showing pockets of hope Fresh investment opportunities
The deterioration in the fundamentals of the construction industry, following the downturn post the World Cup stadia spend and infrastructure boom, has resulted in pockets of cheap investment opportunities.
28 Jun 2013
Market Predictions Value managers punt resources over construction shares
Some of the hardest hit stocks on the JSE in 2012 have been those in the resources and construction sectors.
23 Nov 2012
Smart investing Beware the popular stocks
According to Linda Eedes, senior analyst at RE:CM, picking stocks purely on the basis that they are popular choices amongst other investors or fund managers could result in significant capital loss
05 Oct 2012
Smart investing Money Market Misconceptions
According to valuation-based asset manager RE:CM, investors need to be well informed about the risks associated with money market investments.
22 Aug 2012
Initial Public Offerings Investors warned
One of the investment opportunities that is always guaranteed to get pulses racing amongst both retail and institutional investors is the chance to invest in an Initial Public
19 Jul 2012
Foreign Investment Bargains abroad
With the Eurozone in crisis, some asset manager's preference is shifting towards developed, rather than emerging markets.
05 Jul 2012


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