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Retirement reform Part 2 of an important policy and regulatory update by Pieter Koekemoer
A private retirement system depends on a contract between a country’s government and its citizens. The essence of the deal is that the state is prepared to give you tax
18 Feb 2019
Financial Tips Financial Tips for Young People from an Industry Expert
“I wish I had known earlier how much the financial decisions I make today will affect tomorrow. If I had, I could have avoided many costly mistakes in my youth.” This
08 Oct 2018
Where Are You Retiring To? A Retiremeantâ„¢ Conversation with Kim Potgieter
As Director and key shareholder at Chartered Wealth Solutions and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional herself, Kim Potgieter has dedicated the last 10 years to
09 Jul 2018
Changing The Game Luthuli Capital is doing things differently
Since Trudy Luthuli , along with her husband Mduduzi, founded Luthuli Capital in 2016, the firm has gone from strength to strength in a tremendously competitive market. We chatted
09 Jul 2018
Secure lifelong financial wellness There is a secret formula to secure lifelong financial wellness...
Research indicates that approximately 500 000 South Africans, earning more than R30 000 per month, have defaulted at least once on payments in the past year. Even more
21 Nov 2017 - S. r.
Budget analysis Blue Chip speaks to KPMG's Director of Global Mobility Services, Zohra de Villiers
Blue Chip asked KPMG’s Director of Global Mobility Services, Zohra de Villiers, for an analysis of South Africa’s new tax laws that came into effect on 1 March
04 May 2016
RETIREMENT Retirement Funds acknowledged for Best Practice
With Retirement Funds consistently under the microscope, stringent evaluation of awards and the acknowledgement of best practice remains critical to maintaining the
09 Jul 2014
MEDIA RELEASE Retirement funds drive towards comprehensive social security
“Our economy is faced with a unique challenge that requires far-reaching strategies for a sustainable social security and retirement infrastructure. We must take account of
09 Jul 2014
PENSION FUNDS Average pension fund member gets 30% of current earnings on retirement
Amid an industry in flux, with massive changes to financial regulation in the form of the Twin Peaks model planned for implementation.
02 Apr 2014
Insurance SA's retirement industry awakens from its slumber
The Institute of Retirement Funds (IRF) Conference wrapped up with a bang on Tuesday, beating enough drums to awaken many of the industry's protagonists from their slumber.
26 Aug 2013


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