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Retirement reform Part 2 of an important policy and regulatory update by Pieter Koekemoer
A private retirement system depends on a contract between a country’s government and its citizens. The essence of the deal is that the state is prepared to give you tax
18 Feb 2019
Will you outlive your savings? Adriaan Pask, Chief Investment Officer at PSG Wealth
Since the middle of the last century, life expectancy has increased rapidly. Studies by the United Nations (UN) and World Health Organisation (WHO) have found that, every 10
28 Aug 2018
SA ranked last SA household savings crisis
According to analysis done by savings fintech start up, South African’s household savings rate comes last when ranked against the G20 countries. This is
30 Jul 2018
2013 Old Mutual Retirement Monitor results Retirement savings show need for reforms
South Africans may be increasingly aware of the dire state of their retirement savings, but the low savings rate needs to be addressed through legislative support for compulsory savings and increased education.
21 Aug 2013
Education SA should follow UK lead with financial literacy
The introduction of compulsory financial literacy education into the UK National Curriculum for school children from the age of 15, is a positive move towards improving the nation’s personal finance skills.
25 Apr 2013
Financial planning ​Considerations when investing for retirement
​Ability to predict the future with a high degree of certainty is the most critical feature of any retirement plan.
25 Sep 2012
Micro Loans Savings culture essential
"A recent study, conducted by academics from the University of the Free State, also attributed South Africa’s poor entrepreneurial activity to its low savings rate and dismal savings culture.”
13 Jul 2012
Credible savings for retirement Where should retirement savings be invested?
How do you feel about being told how to invest your retirement savings? Do you believe they should be invested for social good, and take environmental considerations into account?
06 Jul 2012


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