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Accounting Software Solutions Accounting Software Solutions Provide Perks to SMEs
South African entrepreneurs and small business owners are pulled in every direction on a daily basis - needing to lead their business across all departments and switch between
25 Sep 2018
SMALL BUSINESS Financial statements help pave the way to small business success
Ask entrepreneurs what ingredients form the lifeblood of their businesses and most will say that enthusiasm, commitment and dedicated service are key.
18 Mar 2014
SME A way for small businesses to get ahead in SA
The small business category in South Africa has escalated in terms of the number of businesses that have emerged over the past decade or so.
01 Dec 2013
Finance SA Venture Capital market on the rise
Venture capital is often associated with investments into large, high growth businesses, yet there is a growing need for venture capital amongst entrepreneurs in South Africa who require smaller investments.
01 Dec 2013
Maximise your cash flow Top five tips to save on costs
In today’s tough economic climate, unnecessary company costs are always top of mind, especially for small to medium enterprises that face many challenges pertaining to their growth
04 Jun 2013
Entrepreneurship Going it alone is not always that rosy
Entrepreneurship is increasingly generating more awareness in South Africa – but while the industry should be a desirable employment option for most South Africans, various challenges await.
03 Dec 2012
Small business Floating an SME is easier than you'd think
The general sentiment in South Africa’s business landscape is that the environment is plagued by challenges that hinder commercial activity – SMEs may be the answer.
24 Oct 2012
IFRS for SMEs SAICA makes it simple for micro entities
Complying with IFRS for SMEs couldn’t be easier with SAICA’s new electronic toolkit.
27 Aug 2012
Business Partners launches new index to measure SMS confidence levels 2nd Quarter results reveal SMEs bullish on business prospects
The 2012 Quarter 2 BPLSI revealed that the more than 350 business owners surveyed displayed a 72% average confidence level that their business will grow over the next year.
30 Jul 2012
Innovative online platform Innovative online platform launched to aid SA's vital SME sector
In an effort to boost entrepreneurship and reduce the small business failure rate in South Africa, Business Partners Limited, a specialist risk finance company for formal small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
30 Jul 2012


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